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Hongcun is a town in Yixian Region, situated near the southwest slope of Mount Huangshan. It is elected to among China’s leading 10 enchanting villages and also together with Xidi it was made a UNESCO World Heritage Website in 2000. Early morning mist, grey ceramic tiles, white wall surfaces, rock bridges, water lily ponds, as well as hills at the background, all components of standard Chinese landscape paint, therefore Hongcun Town has actually always appreciated the reputation as “a town in the Chinese paint”. It is a place for artists as well as movie supervisors. Hongcun was the battling scenes for the flick “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, directed by Lee Ang and starring Chow Yun Fat, Michelle Yeoh, and Zhang Ziyi. In the 73rd Academy Awards, the film has actually victoried Ideal Foreign Movie as well as Finest Cinematography. The scene of Hongcun could have involved your mind.

Hongcun, a fantastic town worth going to after the majestic magnificence of Huangshan, was set up in 1131. This unspoiled centuries aged town is special. Just what’s so unique regarding Hongcun is that the town was developed by a feng shui master to look like a cow, which stands for a special building choice as well as cultural heritage. The tour guide will certainly analyze which part of the village is the anatomical matching to the cow as well as you will certainly need some creativity to link the two. For example, both old trees at the entry to the town stand for the horns, the 4 stone bridges the legs, the ponds the belly, and so on.

Hongcun is additionally various from the other villages in the area in the regard that it has a quite sophisticated water system. It is a remarkable village where the water streams via the entire community for use of each household. Water is the main feature in this town, with the two large ponds linked to a series of moving streams which pass by every house, providing water for cleaning, food preparation, as well as showering.

Leisurely babble around town, conversation with villagers, hear the old tales, taste local delicacies, shop for antiques & artefacts, appreciate the old wisdom from poetry posted on the columns, Hui-style design, the elegant woodcarving and also stonework’s handiwork and nuances of “FengShui” setup. Furthermore, for those who enjoy to repaint, bring your devices!